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Building The Walls | A Modern Day Social Network Project

Nehemiah was deeply grieved when he heard of the broken walls of Jerusalem and the remnant of the Jews who were in deep distress. He was moved with a passionate desire and love for his brethren to see the walls rebuilt for the safety of God’s people and to preserve God’s chosen land.

Today in comparison we find there is a need for a network to protect God’s Word, encourage the prayer warriors, and to further preserve the cries for righteousness that are posted online. Why? Have you noticed lately what Facebook, Twitter and others like them are doing? They have been oppressing God’s people by not allowing them to publish the Gospel freely.

The so-called Big Tech social networks have moved even closer to directly referring to the Gospel as hate speech. They’ve despised righteous works, and shunned conservative political ideologies by threatening to ban and remove all posts, both text and videos, that oppose their religious or political point of view.

This banning has already started to manifest in some form or another by what is identified as Facebook jail time. This is where a person is banned for a limited time or indefinitely from Facebook for a post that is made against their terms.

This jail time and banning will most likely only increase on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in the future as the clash between righteousness and unrighteousness battles on.

What are we to do? There is good news! By God’s grace Gary and Rhonda Petzoldt of Lilyband Psalmist and Jesus Generation are fulfilling a mandate of God in their lives.

Enter Faithlifefriends.com — A new Christian social network site they developed to provide a wall of protection for the Word of God and the cause of righteousness. The posted media on Faithlife Friends is kept from Big Tech as this network is independently operated and owned by Christians.

Faithlife Friends stands as a modern day online wall built to protect and preserve God’s Word through all forms of media and a place for His people to fellowship safely. The network is owned and operated by God fearing people and there is a board of overseers and activity feed moderators who help Gary and Rhonda keep the network family friendly and child safe.